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Indoor Air Quality Products

Indoor Environmental Professionals provide our clients with a variety of high quality indoor air quality products that can help improve indoor air quality in their home or business.

Indoor Environmental Professionals is committed to providing our clients with service after the sale. That’s why we provide our clients who have purchased an indoor air quality product with service of that indoor air quality product for years after it has been installed. We also sell replacement filters and replacement bulbs to our clients so they can properly maintain and protect their investment.

Abatement Technologies IAQ Products

The Indoor Air Quality Products we offer are manufactured by Abatement Technologies a widely respected name in advanced air purification products:

  • CAP-100 Series inline filter system
  • CAP-500 Products
  • CAP-600
  • CAP-1200
CAP100-UVP Model

CAP100-UVP Model








The key to controlling mold growth in the indoor environment is to control moisture and moisture intrusion issues. One contributing factor that is often overlooked is Relative Humidity. Elevated relative humidity in the indoor environment can compromise the occupants of buildings or home health and comfort. It can cause damage to the finishes and to building materials. It can also contribute to elevated costs to heat the building or home.

Maintaining an ideal relative humidity percentage between 40% and 60% is a crucial component is controlling moisture in the indoor environment. Indoor Environmental Professionals offers a full line of dehumidifiers to meet the various applications that one may encounter in their indoor environment. Whether your property has a crawlspace or a basement we have a solution that will control relative humidity.

Dehumidifiers are designed to keep the air inside a house dry. Operating a dehumidifier in your home or office can help reduce heating costs and promote a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Keeping your basements relative humidity under control is so important. Wet basements promote problems with mold growth, structural damage, and damage to personal property. Homeowners should be very concerned when it comes to their wet basement? Having too much water moisture or elevated relative humidity will ultimately damage furniture, personal property and building materials within the home or business. Wet basement conditions will likely have a negative effect on overall health. Mold growth in the indoor environment can lead to serious health problems especially for building occupants who have allergies or a weaken or compromised immune system.

When attempting to dehumidify a crawlspace environment it is crucial that the contractor selects a crawl space dehumidifier that was designed and intended for use in the crawl space environment. These products are designed to fit into most crawlspaces and are very efficient at removing moisture. Operating a crawlspace dehumidifier in combination with a good vapor barrier over the entire floor of the space can significantly decrease the relative humidity levels in the home or business.

Indoor Environmental Professionals can assist in selecting the right dehumidifier for your needs. We offer a variety of Aprilaire® and Santa Fe® Dehumidifiers. Please contact our office for more details and pricing information.

Dehumidication Models We Offer

Aprilaire 1850F
Aprilaire 1830
Sante Fe Classic Upright 110 pint
Santa Fe Advance 2 90 pint 2200sq ft
Santa Fe Compact2 70 pint 1800 sqft
Sante Fe Force 120 pint 2900 sq ft
Santa Fe Impaxt XT 105 pint 2500sqft
Santa Fe Dual Max Dry XT 3600 Sq Ft

Please contact our office for more details and pricing information.

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